The Blessings of a Child with Down Syndrome

In “Extra Large Medium”, the show’s main character, Peter , discovers that he has supposedly developed ” extrasensory perception ” ESP after his two sons, Chris and Stewie , go missing during a family hike in the woods. Soon after being rescued, Chris decides to ask out a classmate at his school, named Ellen, who has Down syndrome , and eventually takes her on a romantic date, which he goes on to regret. Meanwhile, Peter begins performing psychic readings , but is eventually discovered to be faking his ability once he is approached by the town’s police force. The episode generated significant controversy. Former Governor of Alaska and Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin , who is referenced briefly in the episode as being the mother of Ellen, took offense to the episode’s portrayal of Down syndrome, due to her son being diagnosed with disorder. Andrea Fay Friedman , who was also diagnosed with Down syndrome and portrayed the character of Ellen, publicly refuted Palin, instead supporting executive producer and series creator Seth MacFarlane , who defended the episode, and was also supported by Bill Maher , the host of Real Time. The episode got more criticism from the Parents Television Council during its original broadcast. Despite the controversy, critical responses to the episode were mostly positive; critics praised its storyline, numerous cultural references, and its portrayal of a person with Down syndrome. According to Nielsen ratings , it was viewed in 6. Both Walter Murphy and MacFarlane were recognized for their work on the music and lyrics.

My daughter with Down’s syndrome went on The Undateables – here’s what happened next

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Updated October 03, A young couple with Down syndrome say they are ready for babies and marriage, despite the pleas from their concerned parents, who doubt their children are emotionally and physically ready. All parents want to see their children marry happily and start a family. But when the couple has Down syndrome, the situation is profoundly complex. The Queensland couple burst into the national spotlight in May when an ABC news video about their romance was viewed online more than 13 million times.

Michael and Taylor’s parents have recognised the pair are happy together, but said they cannot support their dream of starting a family. The parents have raised their children to believe they can achieve their dreams, but now they worry they have fostered unrealistic expectations. Michael and Taylor have agreed to delay their wedding, but remain determined to eventually have children. I know that some people say it’s all about hard work but it’s not — it’s all about love and compassion that you have for your child.

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It started with a friendship. Line was on a spiritual search of her own and felt a calling to work with children. She explains: “I visited several communities that welcomed people with disabilities, but I saw they could not find their place in these communities because they were not suitable for them”. Canon Law and monastic rules do not provide for the admission of people with mental disabilities to religious life.

Later, another girl with Down syndrome joined them.

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While she’s searching for her next big role right now, she continues to do her part to transitioning awareness for people with disabilities – amish dating and marriage or “differently-abled” people – not only in Hollywood, but in every workforce. Growing up, how did you handle people telling you that you wouldn’t shooting little to have the world katie you wanted? Lauren Potter: I did have people that told me that I couldn’t do certain things, so, as I always say, I only built to those who told me I could.

My parents told me I could do anything as long as I built hard. My syndrome did tell me that acting shooting be hard, but also that I could do it! Did you always know you wanted to be an actress? How built you go about making your dreams come full? Yes, absolutely. I performed all the Disney movies for my family and friends, and I also knew all the Disney songs and world.

I don’t sing well, but I love down sing a lot! I just knew I built to act. I started dance classes when I was 3 and just loved performing. I knew then that acting was the career for me.

Little girl with Down’s syndrome becomes model after being told she ‘wouldn’t lead normal life’

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But he found that the girls he met who also have Down syndrome were not as mature as him. In one case, he went on a date with a girl with Down.

I was at work when a hot chick walked in with her parents. She was outgoing, positive, a beam of sunshine, and obviously mentally handicapped. I wonder: would it be ethical to date the mentally challenged? Guy, 45, Boise, Idaho. Are you serious? Why would any man not developmentally disabled want to date a woman who is?


Noted sexuality educator Terri Couwenhoven helps both children with Down syndrome and their parents navigate these difficult waters. That denial can perpetuate the myth that people with Down syndrome are asexual, she said. Parents can, and should, take the lead in helping their children develop the foundations of healthy relationships, and Couwenhoven shared three key tips for parents to approach the subject of dating and relationships.

Véronique is a young woman with Down syndrome who felt a vocation to the consecrated life. Line is now Mother Line, Superior of the Little.

Dating can be brutal, no matter who you are. These feelings and experiences are no different for many adults with Down Syndrome leading active, and fulfilling romantic lives. According to to Couwenhoven, this is partly due to cultural stigma and sex shaming that affects the general population as a whole. Couwenhoven partially attributes much of the lack of information about sexuality in people with Down Syndrome to common misconceptions that individuals with the condition are sterile, incapable of, and uninterested in sex.

A lack of open and frank communication regarding sexual health can also lead to disparities in access to gynecological healthcare. Specialized sex education resources for people with Down Syndrome are increasingly in demand, Couwenhoven explains, but can be incredibly difficult for individuals and their caregivers to access. The presence of caregivers is—in many cases—an obstacle itself, and parental anxiety can be a huge barrier to learning about sex and dating. As young people with Down Syndrome grow into adulthood, many require lifelong support from their parents, who may assist with daily living tasks.

They also run a higher risk for sexual abuse.

Dare to Ask: Is it OK to date someone mentally disabled?

Shortly thereafter, chromosome studies were developed to confirm the diagnosis of Down syndrome. During the first half of the twentieth century in the United States, the majority of children with Down syndrome were placed in institutions — frequently soon after birth. This resulted in great human sacrifice for those individuals and for their families, who were convinced, often by members of the medical community, that the child was less than human and that their needs would be so great, their families would not be able to raise them.

This was the climate that the founders of the National Association for Down Syndrome had to deal with when their children were born in In those days the standard operating procedure in hospitals was for physicians to advise parents to institutionalize their newborn infants with Down syndrome.

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A few part ways with their partners after finding out about the pregnancy or after a diagnosis. While this may not happen often, those moms often benefit from hearing the stories of others who have travelled a similar path. Every Little Thing by Alison Piepmeier offers a single parenting perspective from a university professor in Charleston and her daughter with Down syndrome. A lot of people will think that my mom or dad help me because of my age but, nope, I do it all alone.

Every doctor appointment, every therapy, I go with her alone. It is hard but so worth it. I love the fact that she has Down syndrome. I was 18 when I got pregnant with her. Good luck to you and your little ones. I should start by saying that I am techincially married. He lives overseas, and I have no family and very few friends in our current place. I have had to use state support like respite quite often. I have 3 young children, the youngest who is 4 yrs old happens to have Down syndrome.

Love, Dating, Relationships and Disability

Untold Australia. Credit: SBS. This first installment focuses on the work of relationship coach Liz Dore, who works with young people with intellectual and learning disabilities. In Love Me As I Am , we follow Dore over a number of weeks as she coaches a group of six mostly somethings in the art of love and relationships.

“Extra Large Medium” is the 12th episode of the eighth season of the animated comedy series After their rescue, Stewie helps prepare Chris for a date by dressing him up, and instructing him on how to act through a prolonged musical number. On July 8, , the episode’s song entitled “Down Syndrome Girl” was.

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People With Down Syndrome Need Healthy Sex Lives, Too

Back to Health A to Z. You usually get an extra chromosome by chance, because of a change in the sperm or egg before you’re born. People with Down’s syndrome will have some level of learning disability.

Historically, sex and dating among people with Down Syndrome hasn’t even been formally “We go out with girls who are friends,” he tells me.

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And that’s okay. Binders are heavy and I am lazy. I surprisingly didn’t lose that many pens, so I don’t need the fifty pack anymore.

dating Down Syndrome girl

In the past, sexuality was not considered an issue for any people with Down syndrome because of the inaccurate belief that intellectual disability formerly known as mental retardation produced permanent childhood. In fact, all people with Down syndrome have sexual feelings and intimacy needs. It is important that expression would these feelings in socially acceptable, age appropriate ways be recognized by families and caregivers.

Glee Dating Down Syndrome – Glee’s Lauren Potter gets engaged after romantic picnic in Everything We Know About the *Wonder Woman* Sequel (So Far).

My daughter with Down syndrome is 11 years old. As we get closer and closer to her teen years and the changes that are ahead of us, I find myself wanting to talk to other parents about what to expect during those magical years. A teenager is a teenager, regardless of disability or diagnosis. It means our kids go through puberty and have hormones the same as everyone else. The reality is, as our kids get older, the less likely we are to share our parenting experience.

It makes sense, our children grow up and their privacy becomes the main priority. I reached out to parents of teens with Down syndrome to ask some questions about the teen years. I used their replies to put together a list highlighting the most common concerns parents have when raising teens with Down syndrome, along with some resources to help parents educate themselves and their teens. Raising teens with Down syndrome for us is an unusual mix of typical teenage stuff and child-like behavior, wonder and love.

For some, these physical and emotional changes may be hard to understand. Teens may struggle to understand when it is appropriate to talk about these changes and who it is appropriate to talk to about them. Like with all teens, it is important to teach kids with Down syndrome what to expect during these years, especially as their body changes and they begin to explore their sexuality.

Personal hygiene care becomes a priority for boys and girls alike, and helping them become as independent as possible in this area is a must.

Family Guy – Chris Dates Down Syndrome Girl